Take your practice to the next level by integrating the most advanced digital kinematic imaging system from Digital Orthotics™. 

We give you the tools you need to offer custom, bio-engineered orthotic devices to your patients. When you connect the imager to your laptop, you get a total Doc in the box solution that can be used at outside events to screen new patients. It gives you a chance to work with your patients who have foot problems that may have otherwise gone to a Podiatrist. This is income that stays inside your practice.

Products & Purchase

3DO – 3D Weight Bearing Kinematic Imaging System Package

Description: Maximize billable insurance codes using 3DO Static and Dynamic Imaging. 3DO Imager Media with USB Cable – Digital Imager Live Software – Orthotic Samples – Footwear Sample – Brochures – Wall Displays (3).

Technology Overview

With Cutting Edge 3DO Technology, we can now take extremely accurate 3 dimensional images of the foot, both while standing and walking, to determine exactly what type of biomechanical correction is needed.

Accurate reliable data captured in 3 simple steps in under 90 seconds…

Our 7-Point Assessment Report Looks at:

  • Weight Distribution
  • Areas of High Pressure
  • Body Balance
  • Mass Displacement
  • Phases of Gait
  • Gait Symmetry
  • Symmetry

Features & Benefits




Quick scanning process

Save time compared to other casting methods

Simple operation

Save your valuable time by delegating to staff

Accurate & reliable data

Low return/adjustment rates means happier patients

100% digital data

Save space, no storage of foam boxes or casting materials

Internet transmission

Save in shipping costs associated with casts & boxes

Completely portable

Use as a marketing tool at events to attract new patients

Assessment report

Illustrates patients’ level of need for orthotics



To get more details or to find out the system price and the per pair price, please contact Dr. Christopher D. McLaine, DC, HHC.

Dr. McLaine, DC, HHC has been using the system in his practice for over two years and has more than six years of experience with Digital Orthotics.

It is so easy to integrate this system that you are losing money by not having it.

Your patient’s will experience a major improvement versus patients who do not get orthotics and they will give you credit for the changes.

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