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Dr. Christopher D McLaine, D.C., HHC

Here at Your Optimal Health Chiropractor, we take your brain health very seriously.

Dr. McLaine, DC knows firsthand about the changes that can happen with a TBI or mTBI. Dr, McLaine, DC is a TBI survivor who has been for a ride on the medical merry-go-round and knows what it is like to experience a near-fatal brain injury.

Dr. McLaine, DC spent over 18 months out of work in 2009 after he was nearly killed by his brain injury . During his recovery, Dr. McLaine, DC found his passion for helping other survivors and others who have been injured to recover their lost health. He embarked on a 5 year journey that included becoming a Holistic Health Coach, Doctor of Chiropractic, Functional Neurology post-graduate student, Functional Health specialist, a functional bio-mechanics specialist, and a mild Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy provider.

Dr. McLaine, DC also understands the confusing world of autoimmunity and teaches his patients about gardening their way to a healthy inner ecosystem as a way to restore their optimal health. Dr. McLaine, DC lives with Celiac Disease and knows how to teach patients to navigate the treacherous gluten-free world. He has been following a whole foods plant-based lifestyle since 1987. Nothing impacts your health more than the food choices you make. 

Dr. McLaine, DC believes strongly in evaluating his patient’s functional bio-mechanics by using a sophisticated 3D digital kinematic imaging system to capture accurate and precise assessments of their feet while they stand and while they walk.

Start your transition to your optimal health today for Fork’s sake. 

There are so many things that are out of our control that we should focus on controlling what we can. There are ways to reduce your risks of becoming unhealthy.

If one out of two people will die of heart disease, how can you ensure it is not you? We can teach you some simple steps to take to reduce or eliminate your risks.

Don’t just roll the dice with your health and hope you avoid the diseases and sicknesses that are lifestyle driven. 

We are here to support you!!!!!!!


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