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Dr. McLaine, DC, HHC is  a highly sought after healer. 

He has patients from all over the country and Canada who come to see him for his unique combination of holistic, integrative care.

He has achieved incredible results in patients who were left hopeless after taking the sad ride on the medical merry-go-round.

Dr. McLaine walks the talk. He has been living a whole foods plant based lifestyle since 1987.

He understands the treacherous world of autoimmunity.

He has been living with Celiac disease since being diagnosed way back in 1972. 

He walks 4 miles on the sand at Mission Beach San Diego 7 days a week.

He helps patients create unique and custom care plans aimed restoring their optimal health.

Are you ready to stop your suffering and pain and live your optimal health?




  We Specialize IN:

  • -Neurologically-Based Chiropractic Care

  • -Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • -LED Light Therapy and PEMF (aka Photobiomodulation)

  • -Functional bio-mechanics analysis using 3D, digital imaging technology

  • -Sports injuries and rehabilitation

  • -Bio-engineered, custom, medical grade orthotic devices

  • -Ergonomic footwear solutions

  • -Holistic Health Coaching

We believe in a five pillar approach to your health and healing.

Pillar One: Your brain and nervous system health are vitally important. We utilize Chiropractic Neurology, and Functional Health to help promote your optimal health.

Pillar Two: Optimal nutrition is centrally important to your immune health and overall health. We promote your optimal health by focusing on optimal foods and optimal food preparation techniques.

Pillar Three: Optimal exercise involves proper stimulation to the brain. We don’t promote a no pain, no gain philosophy. We believe proper movement is essential to a healthy body and brain.

Pillar Four: Stress Management is crucial to your optimal health. We are excellent at listening and we promote healthy lifestyle choices like walking, yoga, meditation, and pilates to help you manage your stress. We evaluate your sleep patterns and are able to create positive sleeping patterns. Quality sleep is essential to your optimal health.

Pillar Five: We believe that being part of a social group is key to your optimal health. We host walks, regular cooking classes with free meals, and hold a discussion series to bring people together regularly to promote more social interaction.


Chiropractic treatment is so much more than simply adjusting your spine. Chiropractors who are neurologically-based focus on your brain health.


Orthotics help you connect your whole body to the way you move around in the world.

Plant-Based Nutrition

Evidence has shown that a whole food plant based diet is the best diet for most chronic diseases.  Dr. Mac helps you be plant-positive for your individual health goals.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Speed up your healing and recovery by using HBOT. 90% of the energy used by your cells comes from oxygen. Your body functions more optimally when it has the fuel it needs.

“Dr. McLaine is much more than a chiropractor. He is a gifted, holistic, intuitive doctor who helps patients in every aspect of their health. I used to think that chiropractors deal only with the spine, and maybe some do. But Dr. McLaine has helped my whole body feel better than it ever has in the past few months of his treatment…”

Dawn R.

” I highly recommend Dr. McLaine. I was stationed here as a Border Patrol agent from Montana when I started having back pain. We have to wear heavy gear and stand for long hours each day. I found Dr. McLaine online and visited his office. Not only did he make my back pain disappear, he fixed things on me that my Chiropractor from back home has never even talked about. Dr.McLaine looks at your whole body, not just your back. I didn’t realize that most of my back pain was coming from a problem with my feet. Dr. McLaine figured out the root of my problem and got me into some custom insoles for my boots. They made a huge difference. the swelling in my feet went down and the pain in my back was totally gone. I wish I lived here in San Diego so I could keep working with Dr. McLaine. Not only is the weather here great, but you have an amazing Chiropractor who even helped my wife when she came to visit.”
Michael B.

“Dr. Chris is an amazing chiropractor. I have been to about 8 chiropractors and he has discovered the root cause of so many of my ailments and actually cured me. Most of the other chiropractors were unfortunately more of the “wham-bam-thank-you-m’am” type that spend about 57 seconds with you.”

Jonathan L.


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